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Garry Forsyth, CloudOps Product Director (CloudOps Cloud Management Platform)

How long have you worked here? Can you tell me more about your role and background?

15 Years as of June 2022.

My main role is leading the on-going development and operation of IG CloudOps cloud management product.


I have always been interested in technology, how things work and building things, from an early age I spent my time building things out of my older sisters Lego and later on was no stranger to taking things apart to learn how they worked and how to put them back together. I was fortunate enough to, with the help of my father, build our first PC at the age of 8 and a couple of years later taught myself the programming language QBasic. The interest in computer hardware and programming has continued ever since. I studied Software Engineering at Manchester University, gaining my degree and then joining IG CloudOps at the very end of my 3rd year exams.

 What do you like most about working at IG CloudOps?

IG CloudOps has allowed me to continue my interest in both infrastructure and software which in another business would have likely required me to pick a single route. Along with this, the flexibility, freedom, leading edge technology focus and business exposure gained through the culture, I believe this has had a direct impact on my professional development and today allows me to be perfectly placed for today’s Cloud era.

How would you describe the work environment?

The environment is like nothing I have experienced previously or with any clients during my consultancy days at IG CloudOps. The environment is really a bit of a paradox, it’s relaxed yet hard-working & professional, highly focused with the freedom of creativity, and with a strong responsibility/ownership approach which encourages innovation but sympathises with mistakes as learning.

How would you describe the work ethic?

The best way to describe IG CloudOps' work ethic is to say that it is very adult and professional; there is an expectation that everyone is an adult and knows what needs to be done and is capable of getting work done without needing their hand-holding. That’s not to say there is no support or oversight, quite the opposite.

What is the reporting structure like?

IG CloudOps reporting structure is very flat and open. It would be much more accurate to describe IG CloudOps as a team than as a structure. This allows everyone to understand and be part of both the challenges and successes of the business as a whole, regardless of their role/discipline.

What kind of personality traits thrive the most at IG CloudOps?

Those with ambition, positive attitude, self-motivation, hard-working and team mentality will thrive at IG CloudOps as they will get the freedom and creativity to impact the business in a positive way. Generally, those who want something to be proud of will find it at IG CloudOps.

How are accomplishments recognized?

Business accomplishments are shared with the whole business with credit given to all involved and where applicable individuals are highlighted if appropriate. Personal accomplishments may be shared with the whole business or smaller groups depending on the individual’s personality/preferences.

How much do you feel people learn on the job?

I would say people learn the majority of their skills on the job. IG CloudOps has always been towards the leading edge of technology and has been very open about business activities and challenges which leads to most learning something new every day. We have, for many years compared the years working at IG CloudOps to dog years due to the amount of learning people encounter during normal business working.

Can you describe the advancement opportunities here? 

IG CloudOps' advancement opportunities are very much an open free-for-all, due to the very flat reporting structure. Advancement or opportunities are not limited to roles or job titles, everyone can progress as quickly as they want, in many cases individuals can shape their own roles subject to this matching with the overall business vision and strategy to provide a win-win for all.

How does management view risks?

As an ambitious business, IG CloudOps always has risks and therefore, there is a balanced approach to risks. Risks are often tied with business opportunities and therefore they are appraised based on the gain along with the available mitigations/minimisations of these risks. In general, risks are managed to ensure that the business moves forward on a sustainable/longevity basis that doesn’t risk the business’ existence.

When people make mistakes, how is that handled?

Mistakes are to many degrees expected due to the business operating at the leading edge of technology and encouraging innovation. They are viewed as learning opportunities for both individuals and the business itself. The unwritten rule for mistakes is that they will happen, but as long as they’re learned from there is no issue.

How does management view such areas as work-life balance?

Everyone at IG CloudOps is treated as an adult. There is an expectation that the majority of the time people work during the working hours but with the understanding that sometimes life can get in the way as can work and therefore equal flexibility from both sides is needed from time to time so that it’s fair for all.


Garry Forsyth

Product Director

I am the Head of Technical at IG CloudOps and work with our customers to expand our product CloudOps.

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