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Manage AWS Costs with CloudOps Cost Audit and Recommendations

In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing, managing costs effectively is a paramount concern for businesses using Amazon Web Services (AWS). As cloud environments grow in complexity, keeping track of expenses can become challenging.

This is where IG CloudOps comes to the rescue with our comprehensive cost audit and recommendation services as part of CloudOps, designed to manage AWS costs and enhance financial efficiency.

CloudOps to Manage AWS Costs

Introduction to CloudOps Cost Audit and Recommendations

At IG CloudOps, a leading UK-based AWS and Azure consultancy business, we understand the importance of being able to manage AWS costs effectivly. Our CloudOps cloud management platform goes beyond traditional managed services by incorporating a dedicated focus on cost management. This innovative approach involves conducting thorough cost audits and generating personalised recommendations to align AWS deployments with budgetary goals.

The CloudOps Advantage: Expertise and Tailored Solutions

One of the standout features of CloudOps is the expertise of our AWS professionals. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of AWS services, pricing models, and optimisation strategies. Leveraging this knowledge, they meticulously analyse your AWS infrastructure, monitoring resource utilisation, data transfer costs, storage consumption, and more.

The cost audit process, to help you manage AWS costs, involves a holistic assessment of your cloud environment, identifying potential areas for optimisation. Whether it's underutilised resources, unoptimised storage, or inefficient data transfer patterns, CloudOps experts leave no stone unturned. They factor in your business's unique requirements and growth projections, ensuring that the cost recommendations align with your long-term goals.

Tailored Recommendations for Optimal Cost Efficiency

The heart of the CloudOps cost audit is the actionable recommendations provided to our clients. These recommendations are not generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they are customised to address the specific pain points and opportunities identified during the audit. This tailored approach distinguishes CloudOps from conventional cost optimisation tools and helps you manage AWS costs in a practical way.

The recommendations span various aspects of your AWS deployment, such as:

  1. Resource Right-Sizing: CloudOps identifies instances that are over- or under-provisioned and suggests adjustments to ensure optimal resource utilisation while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  2. Reserved Instance Strategy: Leveraging reserved instances effectively can significantly reduce AWS costs. CloudOps provides insights into the appropriate types and terms of reserved instances for your workloads.

  3. Storage Optimisation: CloudOps evaluates your storage usage patterns, suggesting strategies to minimise costs associated with unnecessary data storage.

  4. Data Transfer Costs: High data transfer costs can be a significant drain on resources. CloudOps recommends strategies to optimise data transfer patterns and minimise associated expenses.

  5. Instance Lifecycle Management: Recommendations regarding instance start-stop schedules and lifecycle management can contribute to substantial cost savings.

Implementing CloudOps Recommendations for Lasting Value

The value of CloudOps cost audit and recommendations extends beyond the initial assessment. The insights provided by our experts empower businesses to make informed decisions that drive ongoing cost efficiency. By implementing the suggested changes, businesses can experience reduced AWS bills, improved budget predictability, and enhanced financial control.


IG CloudOps understands the challenges that organisations face in managing cloud expenses and has developed a proactive solution through its cost audit and recommendation services. By combining expert analysis, personalised recommendations, and ongoing support, CloudOps equips businesses with the tools they need to optimise AWS costs while maintaining a robust and efficient cloud infrastructure.

If you're looking for an AWS partner to guide you through the intricacies of AWS cost optimisation, IG CloudOps and our CloudOps managed service offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to help you achieve lasting financial efficiency in your cloud operations. Take a test drive to find out how we can help you manage AWS costs

Or find out more online here about our AWS cost management services.

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