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Saving Time and Money: Leveraging Third-Party Cloud Management Solutions for Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Third-party cloud management solutions enable businesses to achieve efficiency and cost reduction. Among the many providers in the market, IG CloudOps stands out with its cloud management platform, CloudOps, which offers unparalleled visibility and control over cloud assets across AWS and Azure.


One of the key challenges businesses face when it comes to managing cloud resources is the lack of visibility. With multiple cloud providers and countless virtual machines, storage instances, and databases, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all the assets and their associated costs. This lack of visibility can lead to overspending, underutilisation of resources, and security vulnerabilities. However, the CloudOps cloud management platform addresses this challenge by providing a central dashboard that offers real-time visibility into all cloud assets.


Multi-cloud management: Plug and play with AWS and Azure

With CloudOps, businesses can easily monitor their AWS and Azure environments, track resource usage, and identify areas where change is needed. The CloudOps platform provides detailed insights and analytics, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about resource allocation and capacity planning. By having a clear understanding of their cloud assets, organizations can eliminate unnecessary costs, optimize resource utilisation, and improve overall efficiency.

Another significant advantage of leveraging third-party cloud management solutions like CloudOps is the ability to automate routine tasks and processes. Manually managing cloud resources can be time-consuming and error-prone. CloudOps offers automation capabilities that streamline operations and reduce the burden on IT teams. Tasks such as patching, scaling resources, and managing backups can be automated, freeing up valuable time for IT personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Furthermore, CloudOps helps businesses optimize their cloud spend by identifying cost-saving opportunities. The platform provides cost allocation and reporting features, enabling organizations to track and analyse their cloud expenses. It helps identify unused or underutilized resources, suggests rightsizing options, and recommends reserved instance purchases to save costs. 

In addition to cost optimization, CloudOps also enhances security and compliance. The platform offers robust security controls, ensuring that cloud environments are properly configured and protected against threats. It provides real-time monitoring and alerts for suspicious activities, helping businesses identify and mitigate security risks promptly.

CloudOps as a platform brings together industry-leading open-source tools such as Zabbix for monitoring, Saltstack for orchestration and automation, Prometheus for full-stack application monitoring and more. Once you combine this with a UK based team of cloud experts who offer a range of complimentary services you have a truly cutting-edge offering.

One of the key differentiators of CloudOps is its ability to manage cloud assets across multiple providers, specifically AWS and Azure. Many organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, leveraging the strengths of different cloud providers to meet their specific requirements. However, managing assets across multiple platforms can be complex and time-consuming. CloudOps simplifies this process by offering a unified view of all cloud resources, regardless of the provider. Businesses can efficiently manage and monitor their AWS and Azure environments from a single dashboard, enabling them to leverage the benefits of multi-cloud without the associated management challenges.

Third-party cloud management solutions like IG CloudOps' CloudOps platform are essential for businesses looking to optimise efficiency and reduce costs in their cloud environments. With its ability to manage assets across AWS and Azure, CloudOps stands out as a comprehensive cloud management solution.

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