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Michelle Cowley, Chief Financial Officer

How long have you worked here? Can you tell me more about your role and background?

I have worked at IG CloudOps on a part-time basis for almost three years having worked in education beforehand.

What do you like most about working at IG CloudOps?

I enjoy working with a range of talented developers to help develop and improve our fantastic CloudOps product. It is exciting seeing the impact IG CloudOps is having on helping businesses to manage their cloud usage efficiently.

How would you describe the work environment?

We work from home on some days and also in the office. It’s good to have both options as there are days when we need to work closely on projects and other days when individual focus is needed and working from home allows this.

How would you describe the work ethic?

The IG CloudOps team is extremely hard-working and all focused on providing our clients with the best service we can. We all share a real pride in our CloudOps product which has been developed over the last few years and want to get it out to as many companies as possible.

What kind of personality traits thrive the most at IG CloudOps?

Creative, self-motivated people do well at IG CloudOps. It is important to be flexible and to enjoy teamwork.

How are accomplishments recognized?

The team are highly motivated and enjoy a range of incentives such as breaks away, meals out and beer, although I get wine as I don’t drink beer!

How much do you feel people learn on the job?

It is important to be able to take the initiative to learn emerging market research skills and tools that increase efficiency in the role.

How would you describe the level of support offered?

We work closely together and there is always someone to turn to for help and support. This is due to a lot of the team having worked at IG CloudOps for many years.

When people make mistakes, how is that handled?

Everyone makes mistakes and they are viewed as a learning experience as long as they are rectified and not repeated. We take pride in being professional at all times and work hard to keep errors to a minimum.

How does management view such areas as work-life balance?

We are expected to work hard during office hours but there is a good work-life balance at IG CloudOps, particularly with the flexibility of working from home some days.



Michelle Cowley

Chief Financial Officer

I have valuable experience gained from a variety of roles. I engage well with clients and team members.

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