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Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV), Microsoft Azure can provide the perfect platform for you to build, deploy, and manage your applications. Azure offers a wide range of services that can help ISVs quickly migrate their applications to the cloud.

However that's not the full picture, you will want to maintain control and ensure that your costs don't run away from you on the Azure platform.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best Azure migration services for ISVs. We will also show you how to get started with Azure and take advantage of its many benefits!


1. What are Azure Migration Services for ISVs?

Azure Migration Services for ISVs are a set of tools and services that help you migrate your applications to Azure quickly and easily. Azure offers a wide range of services that can help you migrate your applications, including:

  • Application Insights: This tool helps you collect application performance data so that you can troubleshoot issues and optimize your applications.
  • Azure Site Recovery: This service helps you replicate and recover your on-premises data centres in the event of a disaster.
  • Azure Database Migration Service: This service helps you migrate your databases to Azure quickly and easily.
  • Azure App Service: This service helps you deploy and manage your web applications in the cloud.
  • Azure Traffic Manager: This service helps you route traffic to your Azure applications for better performance

These are just some of the services that Azure offers to help you migrate your applications. However, to make the best use of them and get the end result it can often be useful to involve an Azure partner with the right experience. At IG CloudOps, we have worked with literally hundreds of AWS & Azure cloud deployments, and we can help you move to Azure.

2. How Microsoft can help with the migration process

If you are an ISV, then there are several tool sets from Microsoft that allow you to estimate your costs, and also architect the services you will need. However, without a detailed knowledge of Azure, this can be an example of the old saying "garbage in, garbage out".

The estimates you get could actually have very little relation to reality. We have written a piece about how to get accurate estimates out of the Azure calculator. We also offer an Azure architecture exercise through the Azure partner marketplace.

It is also possible sometimes to secure funding from Microsoft to help with a move to Azure. However, these programmes are often oversubscribed and limited in their scope.


3. Benefits of migrating to Azure for ISVs

If you are an ISV, migrating your applications to Azure can help you save time and money while still providing the flexibility and control that you need. With Azure, you can take advantage of microservices, containers, and serverless computing to build modern applications that are scalable and reliable. You can also use a variety of virtual machine, storage and database services with traditional development architectures. You avoid being tied to data centre machines with a three to five-year life span.

If you want to know more about implementing a NoOps approach to your Azure platform then read our article on the subject. CloudOps is built to allow ISVs to remove costly operational firefighting and get the best out of their Azure investment.


4. Why choose IG CloudOpsfor your Microsoft Azure application migration services for ISVs

Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to help you migrate your applications to the cloud. Our Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs offering is designed specifically for software vendors who want to move their applications to Azure.

At IG CloudOps, we have a good history with solid examples of helping ISVs move and stay in the cloud. Balancing performance and cost along with the background about their applications.

We won't take away control of your Azure tenant, we will help you set that up and have a direct relationship with Azure. Our CloudOps software will keep things on track long-term like maintenance and cost. We will also help architect out the Azure deployments you will need that you can then move your applications into.

If you were to compare this to a housing developer, you will have the freehold, we will build the house and then you can move in and decorate. All the while we will use CloudOps to provide a maintenance contract, so you know you have the security to move forward with confidence.

To find out more about CloudOps features and capabilities read more here

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