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Why You Need to Consider a Flexera Alternative

It’s no secret that Flexera One is a popular cloud management tool. However, some drawbacks can limit your ability to manage the cloud effectively. In this article, we will explore why CloudOps is a good Flexera One alternative.

What is Flexera One

Flexera One serves as a comprehensive cloud management solution designed to assist enterprises in overseeing their cloud-based infrastructure. It encompasses a range of functionalities, such as user, license, and application management. Furthermore, the tool includes robust reporting and analytics features, enabling businesses to gain insights into their cloud utilization. Notably, Flexera One is adept at handling hybrid environments, seamlessly managing both on-premise/private cloud and public cloud components.


IG CloudOps as a Flexera Alternative

Like Flexera One, CloudOps is a cloud management tool that helps organisations manage their cloud-based infrastructure. However, CloudOps has a specific focus on software businesses that are using the AWS and Azure cloud. It brings together best-of-breed cloud management tools into a single management portal. This enables you to see and call on all of the cloud management functions you need from monitoring to cost analysis all in one place. 

CloudOps has also been built as a cloud-first management solution. It is plug and play with both AWS & Azure. It does not have the legacy constraints of having to link into on-premise infrastructure and then display and process the different types of technology in one place. The cloud is so different from on-premise that mashing the two together is an exercise in futility.

CloudOps offers the ability to manage users, licenses, costs, risk as well as security hardening. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that want to manage their cloud-based software applications effectively. CloudOps also includes support and advisory sessions as part of the contract. This removes the need for cloud consultants who can be very hard to find. It also means the time spent internally on cloud infrastructure issues is reduced as well.

Some of our customers have saved the equivalent of over 1 full-time staff member's hours a month by not having to firefight against infrastructure issues.

What can CloudOps do for your business?

The core areas CloudOps can help you manage in your cloud environment are:

  • Cost & performance monitoring and optimisation - reduce spend while maintaining performance
  • Always on support and fault resolution - 24/ support process and access to specialist AWS & Azure teams
  • Auditing and risk registers - Automatic risk identification from CloudOps monitoring which can then be actioned
  • Licence register - Record your cloud licences so you can match them back to cloud infrastructure
  • Advisory (Consultancy) and support as standard - Reduce your overhead on cloud consultants
  • Unified cloud monitoring dashboards - Single pane of glass to check your cloud environment

So CloudOps is a Flexera One alternative. If you are an independent software vendor or software as a service business, then it's time to take control of your cloud and book a test drive of CloudOps.


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