Case Study: Adaptive

How IG CloudOps deliver enhanced AWS support to the Adaptive team and their AWS infrastructure with CloudOps

Our client

With a dedicated team of Drupal experts, Adaptive has been working with clients ranging from large international companies and public sector organisations through to smaller start-ups for over 14 years. Their expertise in Drupal means that they bring together existing functionality and custom modules to deliver website solutions that meet client objectives and give a significant return on investment. Based in Derby, they offer a range of services to their clients including Drupal development, hosting, managed website support and performance improvements for their sites.

Dan Frost, managing director at Adaptive.

“The IG CloudOps culture of approachable professionalism has been a great match with my team. Also, their ‘can do’ attitude with a pragmatic approach to problems has enabled us to move our product roadmap forward.”

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The Challenge

All the websites developed by Adaptive use Drupal and are hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which was selected because it was easy for the web development team to set up new servers with and allocate resources whenever needed.

Adaptive are continually looking for ways to enhance customer web site performance and deliver the most reliable solutions possible, as well as free up their own team from routine cloud management. They recognised that as their business continued to grow, they could face several challenges as their cloud infrastructure expanded:

  • Support resources – Adaptive wanted to be able to free up their in-house team from the day to day of cloud management. Adaptive recognised that by working with a partner, they would be able to extend their in-house team and expand their knowledge base as the cloud continues to evolve.
  • Proactive ongoing maintenance – The automated maintenance processes including patching windows as part of CloudOps have enable Adaptive to streamline updates to their cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud cost management – The algorithms in the CloudOps software that analyse, and review costs have also allowed the Adaptive team the ability to plan with confidence as their cloud infrastructure expands and changes over time.
  • Supplementing out of hours cover with 24/7 dashboard – Allowing the in-house team to provide robust out of hours support.
CloudOps Beta

The Approach

Working with Adaptive, the team at IG CloudOps worked to put in place key consistent contacts for communication between the CloudOps support team and the Adaptive development team.

We also worked with the Adaptive team to understand their current AWS architecture and key business requirements currently and moving forward.

Following the initial advisory sessions, the AWS team understood the architecture and infrastructure needs of Adaptive as well as additional resources which would be required to deliver enhanced support, including performance and cost recommendations.

As part of the solution, IG CludOps implemented a series of steps:

  • CloudOps was deployed across Adaptive’s own AWS infrastructure which added a unique set of tools and resources including reporting to allow better management and cost control.
  • An initial audit of the AWS environment and architecture was carried out. This would be used as a baseline to then audit risks and make cost recommendations.
  • CloudOps maintenance windows were used to automate and standardise matching and routine maintenance tasks, to free up the in-house team. 
  • Extend Adaptive’s in-house team with a team of AWS experts who understand the business requirements and are there when needed to provide support and advice, as well as now providing 24 hour support as part of CloudOps.

The Results

By working together and using CloudOps for the management of their AWS infrastructure, Adaptive saw immediate benefits including:

  • Freeing up internal resources to work on new projects
  • The ability to access AWS experts for support and advice as required
  • A significant reduction in cloud incidents
  • Improved customer feedback and satisfaction

Utilising CloudOps, Adaptive have also reduced their AWS costs as igroup has identified under used or not needed resources and made recommendations and changes to the infrastructure as required. Using the dashboards, IG CloudOps also implemented a range of cost control measures including scheduling and more effective resource management.

Developer days saved per month
Reduction in cloud costs in first three months
Realised reduction in staff costs

The Future

IG CloudOps is already working with Adaptive to improve the performance and monitoring of their virtual machines which will provide them with a more detailed insight as to where issues might occur in the future as the infrastructure grows and allow them to predict and make changes before problems occur. However, the biggest advantage of working with igroup has been the benefits felt by the Adaptive team working with the CloudOps support team.

Dan Frost, managing director at Adaptive commented, “One of the biggest challenges for any business is finding the right partner to work with and IG CloudOps tick all the boxes as far as I am concerned.

Not only do they have the expertise we need to support business growth but with CloudOps they are able to seamlessly work as an extension of our team and this provides real benefits for our customers.”


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The Challenge

  • Additional specialist AWS expertise to support AWS infrastructure 
  • Improve proactive AWS management to enhance performance 
  • Lost staff time due to managing routine maintenance and management tasks for AWS infrastructure

The Solution

  • Implementing IG CloudOps cloud management software
  • AWS support and advice for the Adaptive team to call on as needed
  • Patching & Maintenance automated as part of CloudOps

The Results

  • Freed up internal resources 
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Expert support & advice when required 
  • Proactive cost control & risk logging

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