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When it comes to software, Flexera is a name that is often mentioned. They offer a wide range of software management products, including those for the cloud. But are they the best option for your needs?

In this article, we will compare Flexera software (Flexera One) to our own CloudOps platform to help you make an informed decision.

Book a Test Drive Online - The test drive is not a software demo, it’s a briefing before we hand you the keys!

There are many advantages of test driving a product before you buy it and at IG we would strongly suggest that you test drive before you buy.

Whether you’re looking at putting in place support or reducing the cost of your infrastructure, working with a new cloud partner and implementing AWS & Azure management software is a big step.

Getting as much information about how we will work with you and accelerate your AWS & Azure deployments helps you make that step with confidence.



Who is Flexera?

They are a company that offers software & asset management products, including those for the cloud such as AWS & Azure. Flexera has been in business since 1991 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Their software management products are used by over 33,000 companies worldwide, including 92 of the Fortune 100.

There is also a second part of the group called Revenera which focuses on enabling companies to get to market quickly and realise the value of their IP. Both parts of the business have moved to a SaaS-based license-driven approach for their solutions.

Flexera Software - Flexera One

Flexera Software products include Flexera One, which is their cloud management platform. Flexera One is a SaaS-based technology which allows you to visualise your business tech from on-premise to cloud to hybrid.

It also covers other areas of IT operations such as visibility of your infrastructure, asset management, cloud migration and modernisation and cost optimization. This is aimed at a larger organisation with clearly defined IT operations and management structure across the business which wants to implement governance and best practise for their IT infrastructure and software.

Asset Management Software?

The package also includes software asset management & hardware asset management.


Flexera One is a cloud management platform that offers pricing based on a subscription model. This means that you pay for the software on a monthly basis, and have access to all of its features. However, there is no public pricing easily available and it is all price on application.



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IG CloudOps Software - CloudOps

CloudOps from IG is cloud management software that is plug and play with AWS & Azure and has been built with a cloud-first methodology and does not cover the on-premise part of any infrastructure only what has been deployed into AWS and Azure clouds.

Risk and Asset Registers

The CloudOps platform includes risk registers that log any defects or alerts found by CloudOps to the support team. Also included is a licence register for you to carry out audits and identify any underutilised software assets and remove them.


CloudOps has several packages from free to software only to support and advisory services included.

  • Starter - try it for free no license required (live cost data reporting)
  • CloudOps Essentials / Professional - The packages start with software only but other services such as consultancy, architecture, support etc... can be bolted on as needed. 


CloudOps is an ideal fit for independent software vendors (ISVs) or a software as a service business (SaaS) with more of a lightweight Ops function that wants to implement a NoOps approach to the cloud.

Flexera One is aimed at enterprises with a larger well structured IT operation team where visibility of an entire IT estate is required including on-premise as well as cloud infrastructure.

So if you are looking for a local alternative service to Flexera One for your AWS and Azure cloud support then book a test drive to find out more or speak to us on 0151 332 3839.


CloudOps - unified cloud management

Book a CloudOps Test Drive Online - The test drive is not a software demo, it’s a briefing before we hand you the keys!

CloudOps is designed specifically to give you full transparency, control, and support, for your cloud infrastructure.

Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more, and we’d be happy to help!

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