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Why You Should Think Twice About Hiring an Azure Expert: The Advantages of an Azure Partner

Hiring an Azure expert may seem like the logical solution to expand your team's capabilities, but there are crucial factors to consider before taking that path.

In this blog post, we will explore the risks associated with hiring Azure experts directly, the difficulties in finding the right skills, the delayed realization of a mismatched hire, and the benefits of partnering with an Azure expert like IG CloudOps.


The Challenges of Hiring Azure Experts:

The first hurdle you encounter is the challenging job market. With the rapid growth of cloud technologies, the demand for Azure experts has skyrocketed, making it difficult to find and attract qualified professionals. This scarcity often leads to prolonged recruitment processes, delays in project implementation, and increased costs.

For more on the challenges for the cloud market in 2022 / 23 read our article here.


The Delayed Realization of a Mismatched Hire:

Even if you manage to hire an Azure expert, there's a crucial issue that business leaders often overlook – determining whether they have made the right hire.

It can take from 6 months to a year to know if you have actually made a good hire. If it turns out you have a bad hire it then takes time to go back to the start and hire again. This becomes a drain on the team, and you also don't know if something that's been done the wrong way is effecting your business. 

The Multiple Benefits of Partnering with an Azure Expert Consultancy Team:

a. Diverse Experience and Skillsets:

Instead of relying on a single individual, partnering with an Azure expert like IG CloudOps gives you access to a team with diverse experiences and skill sets. This wealth of expertise covers the Azure ecosystem, enabling comprehensive problem-solving and innovation. You can meet our senior team here.

b. Hard-Won Experience with Multiple Azure Environments:

IG CloudOps has worked with a multitude of Azure environments across various industries. Their team understands the common challenges, best practices, and potential pitfalls that arise during Azure implementation and management. This experience translates into a streamlined and efficient process that saves your organization from trial-and-error learning. We offer a number of different services for Azure which you review here.

c. Proven Case Studies:

Unlike a freshly hired Azure expert, an experienced partner like IG CloudOps can present a portfolio of successful case studies. These real-world examples demonstrate their ability to tackle complex Azure projects, deliver measurable results, and overcome unique challenges. Leveraging their proven track record, you can have confidence in their capabilities from day one. You can review our case studies here.

d. Immediate Integration into Your Team:

By partnering with an Azure expert, you bypass the learning curve associated with onboarding new hires. IG CloudOps seamlessly integrates with your existing team, providing immediate support, guidance, and leadership. This accelerated integration minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.


What next?

While a direct hire of an Azure expert might seem like the best choice, working with an Azure partner has far more scope to drive your business forward. It will also be cheaper and drive results more quickly than a new staff member to settle in and be tested.

If you need Azure expertise now, then speak to us.

Or have a look at our Azure support services, delivered by our expert UK team


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