Case Study: IMI Plc

Planning, architecting and delivering global cloud infrastructure for IMI Plc

Our client

IMI plc is a global business that is split into three business divisions - IMI Precision Engineering, IMI Critical Engineering and IMI Hydronic Engineering.

Employing over 11,000 people and operating in over 50 countries the individual businesses share knowledge and expertise to deliver a range of fluid engineering projects to global partners including greater energy efficiency and better operational performance.


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The Challenge

As a leader in fluid engineering, IMI have acquired a number of complementary businesses over the years to add new skills and resources to each of their divisions. As new companies have joined the organisation they have brought with them legacy IT systems which has meant that although information was available it has been difficult for other companies in the

group to access and utilise. In order to improve data sharing across all the group it was decided that a single intranet solution should be developed that covered the whole business and all of its divisions.

Because of the global nature of the business and the need to be able to access data 24 / 7 it was decided that

the best option would be to implement a cloud based SharePoint Intranet solution. This would reduce hardware costs across the whole group as they did not need to host data on premise and it would provide greater flexibility for the workforce so they could access information and collaborate from anywhere, on any device.


The Approach

IG CloudOps was brought in by the Intranet developer because of their experience and knowledge of Microsoft Azure and also their own experience in migrating companies into the cloud with SharePoint.

Azure had already been specified by IMI because of its flexibility, the ability to effectively manage resources, and it could be scaled as the business grew and new companies joined the group.

Working with the Intranet developer the IG CloudOps tteam conducted a number of workshops with IMI to:

  • Identify the initial infrastructure requirements
  • Plan for infrastructure changes in the future
  • Generate a blueprint for
    the adoption and migration
    of SharePoint to the cloud

Our dedicated Azure team then architected and planned the best solution for IMI which would allow them to move all their data from individual companies to a single SharePoint solution hosted on Azure.

The solution delivered by igroup included:

  • Architecting and planning the Azure environment
  • Supporting the migration of data for individual companies to a cloud based SharePoint solution
  • Azure management & support using our cloud management platform (CloudOps)

In addition to planning and deploying
the right Azure cloud solution IG CloudOps
also developed a way in which existing
identities from across the group could
be used to access the new Intranet
rather than having to go through
a process of creating 10,000 new

This saved considerable time
and money for IMI and the Intranet
developer and allowed the project
to be delivered in just over two weeks.

The Results

By selecting IG CloudOps as their Azure partner to manage the hosting of SharePoint, IMI and the Intranet developer were able to quickly deploy a new solution globally in just over two weeks. This meant that IMI group companies who previously were not able to share data and collaborate effectively could do so which has led to significant financial savings and performance improvements.

Having deployed the CloudOps, we can also monitor the infrastructure in real time to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and under used resources are either reallocated or shut down saving considerable costs.

Over 10,000 users globally
Full cloud infrastructure delivery and configuration

The Future

Because of the professional support and expertise provided by IG CloudOps, IMI have already asked for support on a number of additional cloud projects including:

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The Challenge

  • To plan and deliver a mission critical Azure Infrastructure for a global business across over 50 countries
  • To work through a third party main supplier

The Solution

  • Planned architecture and infrastructure requirements in line with business objectives
  • Implementing IG CloudOps proactive cloud management platform (CloudOps) to monitor the whole cloud infrastructure
  • Supported the migration of data and users to the new intranet

The Results

  • Project delivered in just over two weeks
  • Reduction in hardware requirements
  • A resilient cloud infrastructure that will scale with the business

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