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For over 30 years, Vigo Software has designed, built and delivered software and hardware solutions for the logistics, haulage, warehouse and pallet network markets within the UK. With over 3500 users, their applications include transport management software to improve operational visibility reducing costs and streamlining processes; integrated delivery management apps for mobile workforces; telematics; and client management tools.

All Vigo applications are delivered in the cloud to support greater customer flexibility and to reduce hardware costs.


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The Challenge

Vigo was an early adopter of cloud technology recognising that it could deliver a higher quality service to their logistics customers which would improve operational performance and reduce costs.

After considering all the options available they selected Microsoft Azure and decided that rather than buying direct they would go through a Cloud Solutions Partner (Azure CSP) who would help them design and implement an infrastructure that met their unique needs. By using Azure in CSP it also meant that they would only pay for usage on services and have greater flexibility with no minimum purchases and the ability to cancel at any time. This was important for both Vigo and their customers because of the seasonality in certain sectors of the logistics market.

As their requirements have changed over the past eighteen months, Vigo have had to rely on their Cloud Solutions Partner for more support but found that they lacked the technical expertise and knowledge to resolve Vigo’s problems which has led to reliability issues.

The performance problems they have experienced have directly affected customers and also meant that Vigo developers have had to try and diagnose the problems themselves and learn how to resolve them which has stopped them working on their own applications and services.

Because of this, Vigo decided that they needed to look for a cloud partner who could not only resolve their current reliability issues but also support them as their business continued to grow.


The Approach

Vigo recognised that the reliability and resilience of their Azure infrastructure was not as it should be. This was affecting their customer relationships so they needed a partner who understood the complexities of Azure and also dealt with other ISVs regularly so were able to use this knowledge and experience to support their business. After talking to a number of specialists in the market they identified IG CloudOps as the support partner they wanted to work with.

The consultancy team at IG CloudOps immediately conducted an audit of the environment and made a number of recommendations including configuration changes to make Azure more stable and scalable. One of the biggest challenges they discovered whilst doing this was that all communication with Microsoft had to be done through the CSP rather than directly. As part of their commitment to Vigo, the IG CloudOps team manged the communications process to ensure that the recommendations were carried out by the CSP and Microsoft.

Following the initial audit, IG CloudOps consultants then carried out an in-depth performance review of all Vigo applications running on Azure. This helped identify software elements which were having the largest impact on performance and reliability which the Vigo development team used to address issues without wasting resources.

As part of their ongoing support service, IG CloudOps has also been able to deploy their cloud management platform to Vigo’s own Azure infrastructure. This adds a bespoke layer of reporting and management applications on the cloud environment to improve overall resilience, manage costs and provide initial fault resolution tools.

The Results

Vigo and their customers immediately benefited from the knowledge and expertise of IG CloudOps because they improved the reliability and resilience of the environment which reduced downtime and customer complaints. Along with this Vigo and their customers have also benefitted from:

  • A reduction in IT support costs
  • Freeing up developers so they can focus on their own tasks
  • Access to expert support technicians as and when required
  • Greater visibility and control of their Azure deployment using CloudOps

IG CloudOps consultants are also working directly with Vigo developers on new software deployment strategies to avoid the same mistakes in the future. This will improve overall reliability and resilience of Azure and with CloudOps Vigo now have a proactive support partner who is resolving issues before they are even noticed.

The Future

As Vigo continues to grow, they have recognised that the reliability and resilience of their infrastructure is key to them achieving their business objectives.

They are now working with the consultants at IG CloudOps to architect and plan their requirements for the next few years in line with their objectives and will soon be migrating all their applications to a new Azure environment manged by IG CloudOps.

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The Challenge

  • Business critical infrastructure failures and instability
  • Poor support levels through their CSP partner
  • Having to use their own developers to fault-find and fix

The Solution

The Results

  • Reduction in Azure downtime
  • Freeing up internal resources
  • More stable and reliable environment
  • Bespoke management tools and support

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