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An alternative to managed AWS hosting: Take control of your AWS tenant

When it comes to managed AWS hosting, there are a lot of different providers to choose from.

But what if:

  • You want more control over your AWS tenant?
  • You don't want to be locked into a middleman?
  • You want to manage your own servers and applications?

In this blog post, we will discuss an alternative to traditional managed AWS hosting arrangements where you have more control over your AWS environment and billing but maintains all the benefits of getting a hosted solution.


What is a tenant in AWS and who controls it?

Your AWS tenant is the 'container' for all of your AWS apps, users, storage and services. If you have a hosted AWS solution then this will be owned by your AWS partner who will have the highest level of control.

Managed AWS hosting can be a great option for those who want to focus on their business, rather than managing their infrastructure. However, it can lead to challenges around who owns the tenant and access to the public cloud provider directly for support.

You don't want to be locked into a middleman?

Depending on how obliging your current AWS partner is there are a couple of scenarios for this. But it essentially comes down to this, you don't own your AWS infrastructure. You have to go through a middle man who is probably charging fees on top of the hosting for their services and you have some level of lock-in to their services and pricing model.

Many of our customers have moved away from a hosted AWS solution with a partner for reasons such as cost, both the AWS infrastructure and of the add-on services they had to take from the partner. They have seen huge savings both in infrastructure costs and also in things like support and advisory services.

For more information about these scenarios and potential challenges, consider reading our article about Azure CSP which looks at how Azure customers were locked into an agreement with a particular partner. AWS is different but the background information and scenarios are the same across cloud providers/partners.

The benefit of taking control of your AWS tenant, you can manage everything yourself

Take the relationship for your AWS tenant direct, set it up with AWS direct and don't have a middle man. Then either carry out an AWS migration or flip your services into that tenant.

Once you are there then you need a cost-effective solution for cloud management, enter CloudOps stage left. We can provide all of the add-on services that your previous managed AWS hosting solution had bundled in:

This will be at a fraction of the cost of a managed service provider like Rackspace or UKFast / ANS as we are providing this service with software, not a support desk in India.

So why wait, take a test drive and find out more about how we can help?