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How Much More Will You Pay for New Relic's Cloud Management Software?

If you are looking for cloud management software, you will likely come across New Relic and its consumption-based model for pricing.

New Relic is a well-known US-based software company that provides a software-as-a-service platform that helps developers monitor web and mobile applications. New Relic's pricing model is subscription-based and starts at $0/month for the Standard plan which gives you access to limited features. From there, New Relic has a Pro and Enterprise plan which gives you more features such as deeper performance monitoring.

The publicly available pricing on New Relics website confirms several elements of the pricing model and states that it is calculated by two main elements, data ingested and users.


New Relic pricing: User levels

The New Relic platform has three user levels: basic, core, and full. The section below outlines the features included at each level and the associated costs where available.

Note: New Relic pricing is only available publicly for Standard / pricing for Pro and Enterprise plans on application.

Basic: The basic user level gets you started with New Relic software with access to key features such as application monitoring, server monitoring, and alerting. The cost of the basic user level is $0/month and you get an unlimited number of them with each plan from Standard to Enterprise.

Core: The core user-level gives you access to all of New Relic's features including application monitoring, server monitoring, alerting, and New Relic Insights. The cost of the core user level is stated as $49/month for Standard. Price on application for Pro & Enterprise.

Full Platform: The full user level gives you access to all of New Relic's features including application monitoring, server monitoring, alerting, New Relic Insights, and New Relic APM. The cost of the full user level is stated as $99/month for a maximum of 5 users on Standard with 1 free. Price on application for Pro & Enterprise.

New Relic pricing: Data ingested

The pricing for data is standard across the plans at $0.30 / GB beyond the 100GB free data allowance. What changes as you move up the plans is the retention level and the number of checks/operations you can use on the data ingested.

How does this compare with CloudOps?

CloudOps has a very different pricing model which starts with a free version and moves up to essentials / professional with bundled support and advisory services.

  • Starter - try it for free includes live cost data reporting
  • Essentials / Professional - software full functionality and support and advisory bolt-ons

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