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How we turned our cloud teething problems into our core product

It may seem odd to have a case study for our own company, but we are by no means special when it comes to our reliance on the cloud and how we use it to improve our business capabilities.

We started the move over to Microsoft Azure back in 2010, starting our journey to greater flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to the constantly changing needs of our customers. Although the benefits of moving to the cloud were seen almost instantly, we also encountered a few issues that needed additional focus.


The first issue which we worked on was the rapidly increasing costs which had begun spiralling within a few years of our migration. As our business had moved forward, the number and type of resources had also increased. We knew we had to put our heads together to find a solution for this issue, so by 2014, we had created a spreadsheet which tracked all of the resources and associated costs, giving us insight into keeping costs down.

The next problem was the decrease in performance that we’d seen over time, no longer seeing the significant improvements that we had at the start. This eventually led us away from the spreadsheet-based solution and into developing our CloudOps product, something which is now one of our most popular tools to help customers achieve and maintain the results that they want through their cloud migration.

This case study shows you exactly which steps we went through to build our CloudOps solution, now managing and bringing together a range of cost monitoring tools, support processes and general administration functions into one single portal.

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