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Is Your Business Prepared to Avoid this Common Pitfall with the Cloud?

If your organisation has invested in the cloud, you’ll likely have experienced significant benefits from its flexibility and scalability. However, those advantages also often contribute to – or can even directly cause – one of the cloud’s greatest challenges, which is uncontrollable costs.

A lack of visibility into spending on cloud deployments is a pitfall that we see many organisations fall into today.

As more businesses worldwide have migrated to the cloud to facilitate remote working and online services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant rise in unexpected over-spending.

Many implementations of cloud solutions are based on a pre-agreed budget which aligns with the initial configuration only, but if you take that approach without sufficient monitoring, measuring, and reporting tools in place, things will soon begin to get out of control.

This may include:

  • Unexpected bills with greater costs than forecast
  • Opaque billing and a lack of clarity into cloud usage
  • Hidden line items that are difficult to track back to your deployment
  • Resources going to waste and causing unnecessary spending
  • Lack of clarity and accountability between different departments.


It’s crucial to understand that running your applications and business processes in the cloud is an entirely different concept to investing in traditional IT systems.

Even a simple, small investment, with only a few instances, can have the potential to return hundreds of line items in a monthly bill.

As you begin to use and grow your cloud infrastructure, things will inevitably begin to become more complex, costly, and challenging.

With that in mind, it’s so important to be aware of this pitfall, and take proactive steps to manage your cloud spend, before you learn this lesson the hard way.

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