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Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Using Microsoft Azure for Your Business- From Azure Security to Cost Management

While Azure has many advantages, businesses may face some challenges when using the platform.

In this blog post, we will explore the top five problems businesses have with Microsoft Azure and how they can be solved.


ONE: Security

Security is one of the main worries that businesses have while adopting any cloud platform. Businesses must ensure that their data is secure and secured from unauthorised access when utilising Azure. To assist organisations in protecting their data, Azure offers a variety of security capabilities including data encryption, network security, and identity and access control.

Businesses should create a complete security plan that utilises Azure's built-in security tools to solve security concerns. They should also employ safe data management best practices such as strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and regular data backups. Businesses can also employ an Azure-certified security expert to assist them in identifying and mitigating any security threats.

At IG CloudOps, we provide a comprehensive security monitoring and hardening service underpinned by CloudOps and our UK Based Azure team carrying out security audits.

TWO: Integration with existing systems

Another challenge businesses face when using Azure is integrating the platform with their existing IT systems. Most businesses have legacy applications which were not designed to run in the cloud. This can make it problematic to move them across and can mean another system is used to emulate an older environment within Aure.

To address integration issues, firms should migrate in stages, beginning with non-critical applications and gradually progressing to more sophisticated systems. They should also consult with Azure-certified specialists who can assist them in designing and implementing an integration strategy that will cause minimal disturbance to their existing systems.

This usually involves an Azure architecture or blueprint planning exercise and identifying compatible services in Azure for this to be migrated/rearchitected on Azure.

THREE: Cost management

Another challenge that businesses face when using Azure is cost management. While Azure can be a cost-effective choice for many businesses, the cost of using the platform can quickly pile up, particularly if firms do not monitor their consumption and alter their contracts as needed.

To address cost management challenges, businesses should regularly review their usage and costs to identify areas where they can reduce spending. Azure tools for cost management can give you all of the data you need for this but are a bit weak when applied to your specific use cases.

Additionally, businesses can work with Azure-certified experts to help them develop a cost management plan that aligns with their business goals.

At IG CloudOps we provide Azure cost management as standard with our managed Azure services utilising CloudOps. This provides visibility across Azure with live cost information pulled directly from the Azure API.

FOUR: Performance

Network latency, storage performance, and architecture can all have an impact on the performance of applications and services running in Azure. Businesses can use the Microsoft monitoring tools, such as Azure Monitor and Application Insights, to monitor the performance of their apps and services in real-time.

This can be used to identify performance bottle kecks but to address underlying architecture issues someone with a deep understanding of Azure is needed.

FIVE: Lack of expertise

A lack of experience is one of the most significant issues that enterprises encounter while using Azure. Many firms may lack the internal skills required to effectively utilise the platform's features or troubleshoot any issues that may occur.

Businesses should invest in training and certification programmes for their IT workers to assist them build the skills and knowledge required to effectively use Azure. They can also collaborate with Azure-certified experts who can guide and support their Azure deployments.

At IG CloudOps, we provide a range of Azure services to complement and extend your in-house team on demand. For details on our Azure support plans find out more here


These challenges can be overcome by developing a comprehensive plan, using Azure's in-built tools and cloud management software and working with Azure-certified experts who can provide guidance and support for Azure deployments.

By addressing these challenges, businesses can fully leverage the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure to drive their digital transformation initiatives and achieve their business goals.

Speak to us today and find out how we can help with your Azure challenges.