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NoOps: CloudOps delivers IT Operational Excellence for DevOps teams

If you're interested in learning more about NoOps or considering implementing it in your own organization, our latest article is a great place to start. Take your first steps on the quest for completely automated IT operations.

This article assumes that your IT operations are in the cloud already or are moving to the cloud shortly and focuses on a cloud-based implementation with Amazon web services (AWS) and or Microsoft Azure.

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Optimising Cost and Performance with Azure Monitoring Solutions

In this article, we'll explore how Azure monitoring can help you achieve these goals and why partnering with a cloud consultancy like IG CloudOps is a game-changer.

Unlock cost savings and peak performance with Azure monitoring. Partner with IG CloudOps for cloud expertise beyond Azure.

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Azure Architect: Right Azure Architecture First Time - Deploying and managing cloud solutions

The wrong Microsoft Azure architecture goes to the root of most Azure issues we see. If the architecture is off then it can have a series of knock-on effects such as such as performance and cost issues.

We will look at some of the best practices for working with Microsoft Azure, especially for companies that offer software solutions to their customers like ISVs and SaaS businesses.

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Choosing Between AWS and Azure (AWS vs Azure)

AWS and Azure are both top-tier cloud services providers, but they differ in their approach to pricing, features, and target markets.

Many organisations use both AWS and Azure as a cloud service in their cloud deployments so that they are not restricted to one supplier.

In this article, we will review the similarities and differences between the two platforms.

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Don't Overlook Azure Patch Management: Safeguarding Your Cloud Infrastructure

Although Azure patch management may not be the most exciting topic, it is a critical aspect of maintaining the security and stability of cloud infrastructure.

Without proper patch management, vulnerabilities and bugs can go unaddressed, leaving the system open to cyber threats and potential downtime.

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Mastering Azure Subscription Management: Top 3 Pro Tips and Best Practices

Managing Azure subscriptions can be a challenging task, especially for Microsoft partners with numerous subscriptions, multiple users, and complex billing structures.

Let's take a look at three pro tips for managing your Azure subscription.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Managed Azure Hosting Investment?

Are you gaining as much value as you could be from your current Azure hosting arrangement?

Finding the best option for your cloud hosting is a challenge many businesses struggle with, and like them it’s likely you’re missing out on the most cost-effective approach.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the important role of cloud hosting and highlight the reasons why you would benefit from investing in managed Azure hosting.

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What are the top Cloud Computing trends for AWS and Azure in 2022/23?

What are the key trends for cloud technology over the next 18 months? What is going to affect your cloud deployments in the UK as well as around the world. 

There is absolutely no doubt that the cloud market is still on the rise, with recent reports indicating that the global cloud computing market size is set to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 16% by 2026. User spending on cloud services is also expected to increase by around 21.7% in 2022.

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Managing Azure Infrastructure? Why Settle for Azure Consultants?

While it may seem like a good option to rely on Azure consultants to support, maintain & deploy your cloud, this approach has challenges and limitations.

Thankfully, there are more cost-effective solutions available that can deliver the expertise of a consultant while also providing the ongoing management and support that are necessary for a successful cloud implementation.

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Budgeting for an Azure deployment is an entirely different concept to traditional IT systems, and those differences cause significant challenges for many organisations.

In this article, we’ll break down the key issues with Azure cost management, provide advice for controlling your spending, and offer suggestions to increase the return on your cloud investment.

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Cloud technology has become a critical aspect of modern businesses. If you don’t have sufficient Azure support in place for your cloud deployments, you’re leaving it open to serious risk.

In this article, we explore the options available for cloud support, compare their pros and cons, and help you understand what the best choice is for your business.


If you’ve invested in a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, you could be part of a ‘cloud solution provider’ (CSP) agreement with your partner without even realising it. But a CSP is a proven driver of risk, over-spending, and a range of other challenges. In this article, we explore what a CSP is and provide advice to help you avoid this common pitfall.


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Microsoft Azure mitigates your risk of a Cyber Attack

With recent Cyber Security threats, like the WannaCrypt ransomware attack. We are examining the enterprise grade security features of Azure.

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Are You Having Problems with Azure?

A review of common problems you can encounter with Azure and how we can help you overcome them

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Application Hosting in Azure

What to consider when moving an application and how it is hosted in the cloud. We can help you get this right first time.

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Many traditional IT companies have adapted to the new (virtual) world and recruited cloud specialists, but there is a major skills gap when it comes to specialists on the different platforms.
A fully qualified Azure Consultant provides your business with the support and expertise required to migrate applications and data to the Microsoft Cloud.

Quick steps to reduce your monthly Azure bill

Where is the overspend in your Microsoft Azure account? Find out now and do something to optimise your Azure spend.

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Why experience matters when delivering Azure solutions

1. Planning and architecting the right solution
2. Fault diagnosis and resolution
3. Improved efficiencies
4. Productivity
5. Updates
and more

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New to the cloud – Microsoft Azure Regions & storage

Microsoft Azure has Data Centres all over the world, each group of Data Centres in a specific location is referred to as a Region.

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Are your Azure Costs out of Control?

We can help you manage your Azure costs to lower them and stop them from getting out of control again.

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Cloud maintenance – it’s a long game

Optimising cloud costs performance - yes, it's a thing! But how easy is it and more importantly, will using online tools give you a true price?

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How Azure helps your business achieve digital transformation

As CIO, a question you should ask is why driving digital transformation important to your business?
Azure can unite and drive your digital processes.

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Common Issues with Microsoft Azure

What are the most common issues we see in any Microsoft Azure deployment...

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Adopt the “AMG line” approach to your Azure architecture

How do you take an approach like AMG and tune the cloud for your needs. We can help you find out.

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Designing Azure cloud infrastructure to scale

The lure of an out-of-the-box cloud solution would appear at first to provide an easy answer but sitting down with an expert will open your eyes!

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How Microsoft Azure ISV Partners Can Profit from Azure

Azure ISV partners benefit from the cloud through improved application performance and using a SaaS model for distribution. Find out how we can help.

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Making the most of Azure

Did you know - UK Azure Data Centres can be approximately 30% more expensive than other European Data Centres. We can save you money on your cloud spend.

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Why are your Azure Costs Rising?

Wondering why are your Azure costs rising? The answer might be simpler than you think, and the good news is, we can probably help!

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5 Things to Consider Before Signing Up to Microsoft Azure

A look at the top 5 things to consider and how to evaluate each one for your circumstances.

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Azure Resilience: Designing Cloud Architectures for High Availability

Learn how to design resilient cloud architecture in Azure for maximum uptime and reliability. Explore key strategies and best practices.

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Moving from legacy hosting to Azure

Step 1 – Analysis
Step 2 – Your existing environment
Step 3 – Strategy
Step 4 – Pilot
Step 5 – Migration
Step 6 – Actively manage Azure usage and resources

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How an Azure Consultant saves your business headaches

1. Azure is not just plug and play
2. Experts bring advice and guidance on all aspects of Azure
3. Time is critical

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