How Azure helps your business achieve digital transformation

As CIO, a question you should ask is why driving digital transformation important to your business?

A Digital Transformation strategy can unite and drive an organisation’s digital processes. With IT software and services at the core of most modern businesses, they are a core component of productivity and management information. Digital transformation can drive a business’ culture to be more responsive, more adaptable and able to scale up quickly.

With a solid IT framework you can achieve a sustainable digital transformation strategy

Businesses that can grow and scale have one thing in common – a solid, reliable IT architecture and software that unites their essential business processes on a robust, flexible and scalable architecture.

Clearly defined business processes are woven through the heart of the business via the sales, operations and finance functions for seamless, end to end control, productivity and insight. These successful businesses run their IT architecture on a core cloud platform that is adaptable, scalable and reliable.

There are four recognised pillars of digital transformation

1. Employee empowerment – to produce their best work from anywhere, at any time
2. Customer engagement – they expect new levels of connection from their suppliers
3. Operational optimsation – IT infrastructure that runs core business processes
4. Product transformation – to adapt quickly to changing business needs

These pillars drive expansion in 3 key areas:

 Faster cloud adoption
 Increased application and network integration
 An increase in attacks along all threat vectors

Azure and digital transformation

With its global network of datacenters and portfolio of collaborative software, Azure is uniquely positioned to help companies transform their business by achieving the 4 pillars.

• A global, rich and rapidly expanding trusted public cloud
• Strength in both business and consumer worlds
• Hybrid strength 
• Open source-friendly

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