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Need an AWS consulting partner? What should you look for?

Are you looking for an AWS consulting partner to help your business reach its potential? AWS offers a range of services that can help businesses succeed and grow, but finding the right AWS consulting partner is essential.


What is an AWS Consulting Partner and why do you need one?

AWS Consulting Partners are AWS-certified experts who are experienced in helping businesses leverage AWS cloud services to their advantage. They provide specialized expertise, training, and support that can help companies quickly get up and running on AWS applications.

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The Benefits of Working with an AWS Consulting Partner

When it comes to AWS consulting partners, there are several benefits:

  • Expertise and Support: AWS Consulting Partners bring an in-depth knowledge of AWS services that can help businesses get the most out of the platform. They provide training and support so businesses can quickly become proficient with AWS tools and technologies.
  • Cost Savings: AWS Consulting Partners can help businesses save money by using AWS in the most cost-effective way. They provide valuable advice on how to reduce costs and optimize performance.
  • Innovation: AWS Consulting Partners are experts in AWS technology and can suggest new ways to use AWS services for improved efficiency, scalability, and overall performance.


How to Choose the Right AWS Consulting Partner for Your Business

When looking for AWS Consulting Partners, it’s important to do your due diligence. Here are some tips on how to select the right AWS partner for your consulting needs:

  • Look for AWS certification: Ensure that any AWS Consulting Partner you consider is AWS certified. AWS certification shows a consulting partner’s expertise and commitment to staying up-to-date with AWS technologies. Our AWS partner credentials are available here.
  • Check references and reviews: Ask for references or read online reviews to find out what other customers have to say about the AWS Consulting Partner. This will give you a good indication of their level of expertise, customer service, and overall performance. All our reviews are available on our case study page.
  • Ask questions: Make sure to ask plenty of questions when interviewing AWS consulting partners. This will help you assess their level of knowledge and understanding of AWS services in order to make an informed decision.

Tips for Working Effectively with Your AWS Consulting Partner

Once you’ve found the right AWS Consulting Partner, there are some things you can do to ensure that your relationship is successful. Here are a few tips:

  • Establish clear expectations: Make sure that everyone involved understands the project goals, timeline, and budget. This will help keep the project on track and minimize misunderstandings.
  • Communicate regularly: Regular communication between you and your AWS Consulting Partner will ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the project.
  • Keep track of progress: Make sure to track progress throughout the AWS implementation process so that any potential issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

By taking the time to find and work with an AWS Consulting Partner, you can maximize the potential of AWS for your business. The right AWS consulting partner can help streamline operations, improve performance, and save money in the long run.

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Why IG CloudOps is the Best AWS Consulting Partner for You

At IG CloudOps, we understand the importance of AWS to your business and are committed to helping you make the most out of AWS services. With our team of AWS-certified experts, we can provide specialized expertise that will help you quickly get up and running on AWS applications.

We also have a deep knowledge of AWS cost optimization techniques that can reduce costs for businesses while still delivering optimal performance and scalability using our IG CloudOps platform for cloud management. As an AWS cloud partner, IG CloudOps offers its clients access to the breadth and depth of the AWS technology platform. Take a free test drive to find out more.

If you need help with managing your AWS and would like some additional guidance, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to talk through your needs.