UK based Darktrace Partner

We have been working with Darktrace's tools since 2018 both for our internal use and for our customers. Our team has the expertise you need.

As a Darktrace partner, we provide a variety of services related to the selection, deployment, configuration, troubleshooting and ongoing security hardening of your cloud infrastructure.

We work with Darktrace as its self-learning AI reviews everything and with our expert advice will keep you secure now and in the future.

What does Darktrace do?

Darktrace provides a set of tools for security monitoring and threat detection. It is also multi-cloud and integrates with AWS and Azure as well as others. 

Darktrace has been recognised by independent bodies including Gartner, Forrester and Marsh for the capabilities of its AI. 



Features & Functionality

Suspicious data flow in a Kubernetes cluster?

Contain it

Unusual resource creation?

Alert the right people and stop it in its tracks

Virtual machine beaconing to rare domain?

Block the specific connection

Suspicious role assignment?

Custom responses

Unusual but benign?

Allow work to continue, don't inhibit business as usual

"Darktrace was early with its approach and, from a technology point of view, has managed to stay in the lead. Darktrace has a well-honed path into artificial intelligence. I think they've used it properly and harnessed it with a good user interface that allows them to respond quickly.
Earl Perkins

How do we work with you?

We can provide our cloud security experts as part of a cloud engagement on AWS or Azure. We have the knowledge built over many years of both the AWS & Azure platforms and the Darktrace security tools.

Our UK-based consultants can work with your in-house team and perform security audits including application level penetration testing. 

Darktrace provides a range of functionality but the areas that come up for our customers the most are:

Selection & Set up

Carrying out a security audit of your existing cloud infrastructure. Then matching your security needs to the Darktrace ecosystem of tools and making recommendations for set up and deployment.

Cost analysis of the total cost of ownership for Darktrace and associated security costs.  

Understanding and repsonding to threats

We can help you cut through the noise to secure your cloud infrastructure as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our cloud security consultants can work with you and with Darktrace to understand what is noise and what is a real threat, and respond accordingly


Why choose IG CloudOps as your Darktrace partner?

We understand the challenges your business faces. Your cloud infrastructure is at the heart of your business and getting visibility and control of performance and costs is key. As your Darktrace partner, we can work with you to understand your security challenges and respond to them while still allowing business as usual. 

With IG CloudOps as part of your team, we deliver an always-on cloud management solution which ensures infrastructure performance, reduces costs and is ready to meet your future challenges. We bring together all the functions, processes and features you need for a complete cloud security solution proactively supporting your business and bolting into your in-house team.

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What do our customers say?



“IG CloudOps had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management platform, CloudOps.”

Steve Stringer, Software Architect

“Five Star Support”


“The culture of approachable professionalism has been a great match with my team."

Dan Frost, Managing Director



"Moving our cloud resources over to IG CloudOps was our main initial concern, but their skill and regular communication ensured the process went smoothly."

"Unlike other companies we've spoken to, we felt unrushed and that their cloud consultants fully understood our business specific concerns."

Tom Gullen, Founder

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