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Prometheus Application Monitoring Made Easy: IG CloudOps, Your UK-Based Prometheus Experts

At IG CloudOps we have been working with Prometheus since 2015, making us true Prometheus experts. We have integrated Prometheus into our CloudOps cloud management platform, which allows you to add full-stack monitoring to your cloud infrastructure as a turn-key service.


For those unfamiliar with Prometheus, it's an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit initially created at SoundCloud. Equipped with a robust data model, query language, and alerting system, Prometheus is specifically designed to assist in gaining valuable insights into your systems and applications.

But despite its power, Prometheus can be complex to set up and use. That's where CloudOps comes in. As part of the platform we provide Prometheus as a core component, so you don't need to set up and run another application and learn how to use it. 

Your development team just need to include the libraries and start sending the relevant data and it will be available in the CloudOps dashboard.

This allows you to add full-stack monitoring for your cloud-based applications from the cloud platform right up to the application layer. All of this is available from a central dashboard with alerting and auditing.

CloudOps brings together best-of-breed cloud management tools into one platform. This allows you to do all of your day-to-day management of one or multiple cloud deployments all in one place. By using CloudOps, you can focus on building and deploying your applications, while CloudOp takes care of the underlying infrastructure.

Another advantage of working with IG CloudOps is our ability to support and maintain AWS and Azure and CloudOps is plug and play with both. 

By choosing IG CloudOps as your cloud partner, you get a dedicated team of specialists ready to assist you in maximising the benefits of Prometheus. Whether you require assistance in configuring alerts, refining your queries, or addressing troubleshooting issues, their team is committed to supporting you at every stage of the process.

If you're looking for Prometheus experts in the UK, look no further than IG CloudOps. With years of experience working with Prometheus, an easy-to-use CloudOps platform, and a team of experts at your disposal, they can help you get the insights you need to keep your custom applications on track.

If need application monitoring then speak to an expert today

Or take a test drive and find out what CloudOps & Prometheus can do for your business.

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