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Providing expert Azure support and analysis on demand

Vigo have designed and built software and hardware solutions for their clients for over 30 years, largely within the logistics, haulage, warehouse and pallet network markets in the UK.

All of their applications are delivered in the cloud, and with over 3,500 users, they were looking for a solution which could offer them more flexibility and a reduction in their hardware costs.

As early adopters of cloud technology, they recognised the advantages that it could give them and their customers and initially decided to use Microsoft Azure through a Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP). Who assisted them in designing / implementing an Azure architecture that would meet their specific needs.


As requirements began to change, they realised that the CSP they were working with lacked the expertise they needed to resolve issues quickly. They decided to start looking for a cloud provider who would be able to give them this expert assistance, whilst also helping them to adapt their cloud deployments at a faster rate than they were able to with the current CSP.

Vigo were looking for a partner who understood the complexities of Azure and had the experience and knowledge of working with other ISVs. After speaking with a number of different partners, they decided that IG CloudOps would offer them what they needed.

The team at IG CloudOps conducted an audit to understand the best route forward. We made a number of recommendations and took over the communication to the CSP to ensure these recommendations were carried out as necessary. We then set about a more thorough review and deployed our CloudOps to Vigo’s own Azure infrastructure to provide a bespoke layer of reporting and management.

To see the results of the work that we’ve done with Vigo, take a look at our case study.

We also have a white paper that looks at the challenges and processes involved in changing your cloud partner, take a look here.