Benefits of Using a Third Party to Manage Your Cloud

With more and more organisations moving their applications and programmes to the cloud there is a growing need for managing the day to day growth and management of their infrastructure and resources. Companies want to ensure that they have a robust, scalable solution which will meet their objectives today and into the future because downtime can affect profitability and long term growth.

In order to gain the maximum return on investment from their move to the cloud, organisations will opt to outsource planning and management. Today the team at IG CloudOps look at the benefits of using a third party to manage your cloud.

Strategic support 

Planning your cloud environment is one of the most critical elements of any move to the cloud. A third party Managed Service Provider (MSP) will have supported other companies as they move to the cloud and will bring this knowledge and experience to your business. They will work with you to understand your business objectives and plans and how these can be supported by your cloud and then recommend the best solution for your company, saving you time and money as well as ensuring your move to the cloud goes as smoothly as possible.

Freeing up resources

Your internal IT team is there to support your whole business and operations rather than just your cloud infrastructure. One of the key benefits of using a third party to manage your cloud is that they help your in-house team stay on task. A third party will be able to quickly resolve issues as they occur as well as have the knowledge and experience to support your team with different cloud support plans as they utilise the features and benefits of the cloud.

Reduced recruitment and training costs

As with any new technology, either new IT team members need to be recruited or existing ones trained on how to use the cloud properly. In addition, as new features and functions are deployed they need to be trained on them so that your business gets the maximum possible benefit from the cloud.

By using a third party to manage your cloud, you remove your need to recruit and train staff on the cloud. Your business will benefit from a pool of trained cloud experts who not only keep up to date with all the new features and functions but can advise you on how to get the best return from them.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing the management of your cloud can help reduce costs in several ways. We have already mentioned that there is no need to recruit and train staff but because a third party will be managing numerous deployments they will know other ways to reduce cloud costs. This can include introducing scheduling for VMs so they are only available when needed, through to utilising dashboards and reports to identify underused resources that can be redeployed or removed from the cloud.

Also by using a third party like IG CloudOps, they will be able to offer special discounts which will further reduce your cloud costs.

Proactive Support

A significant benefit of using a third party to manage your cloud is that they are at the forefront of the latest technical advancements and best practice.

Their wealth of experience gained from supporting other cloud environments means they will have remote monitoring and maintenance tools in place that continuously scan and resolve issues on the fly that minimise disruption. They will take responsibility for regular patching, taking snapshots, and fixing the unexpected as well as keeping up to date with the latest cloud products and innovations.

Increased ROI

By outsourcing to a cloud management expert, they will provide regular cost efficiency reviews and enhancements which identify opportunities to manage and operate your environment in the most cost-efficient way possible. They will match resources to workloads, spot un-used items and check the most cost-effective licenses are being used as well as give your team the time to do their day job and get on with the task of meeting your business objectives.

There are numerous other benefits of using a third party to manage your cloud, some of which will be very specific to your business or the market you operate in.

At IG CloudOps, we work with companies throughout the UK to maximise the return on their cloud investment. Our client management teams work 24/7 to ensure that moving to the cloud will help you achieve your objectives and deliver a significant return on investment.

Our CloudOps provides detailed financial and usage information about your deployment that can be used to determine whether there are opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. If you would like to talk to one of our certified experts about how we can help you protect your cloud investment contact us for more information

CloudOps has been specifically developed for cloud management to:

  • Support the delivery of business critical services and applications in the cloud
  • Enhance your own services and teams with additional resources and skills
  • Maximise the performance and manage costs of cloud operations
  • Provide proactive support and management of your cloud

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