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The Top Five Reasons to Choose IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services for Your Business

Infrastructure on AWS has become increasingly complex to manage and maintain. However, entrusting this responsibility to an external service provider can deliver great rewards if done successfully with the right partner.


That's where IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services come in. With years of experience and expertise, IG CloudOps offers tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs. In this blog post, we'll explore the top five reasons why IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services are the best choice for your business.


Unmatched Expertise and Support:

When you partner with IG CloudOps, you gain access to a team of highly skilled and certified AWS professionals. These experts bring extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring that your AWS infrastructure is efficiently managed and optimised. From initial setup and configuration to ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting, their expertise ensures seamless operations and minimizes downtime. With IG CloudOps' 24/7 support, you can rest assured that your business is in capable hands.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Data security is a paramount concern for businesses in the digital age. IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services offer robust AWS security measures to safeguard your valuable information. They follow industry best practices and leverage advanced security features provided by AWS, including identity and access management, encryption, and threat detection. Moreover, IG CloudOps ensures compliance with regulatory standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, mitigating risks and protecting your business reputation.

CloudOps, our cloud management platform, also provides integrated Penetration testing and security auditing to ensure your AWS infrastructure is audited. It includes patch and antivirus monitoring / updating to keep things up to data and give you the peace of mind and this is all taken care of automatically. To find out more, have a look at an overview of CloudOps here

Scalability and Flexibility:

One of the significant advantages of AWS is its ability to scale resources based on business needs. IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services enable seamless scalability, allowing you to effortlessly handle increased workloads and unexpected surges in demand. With our expertise in auto-scaling and load balancing, you can optimise costs while ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, IG CloudOps' flexible solutions adapt to your specific business requirements, empowering you to focus on growth and innovation.

Cost Optimization:

Managing AWS infrastructure efficiently can be challenging, especially when it comes to cost optimization. IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services employ cost-effective strategies, helping you maximize the value of your cloud investment. By monitoring resource utilization, identifying unused or underutilized instances, and implementing efficient cost allocation, we optimize your AWS usage while minimizing unnecessary expenses. With our expertise, you can gain better control over your cloud costs and achieve long-term financial benefits.

Focus on Core Competencies, not the nuts and bolts

Outsourcing your AWS management to IG CloudOps allows you to concentrate on your core competencies and strategic initiatives. By offloading the complexities of AWS infrastructure management, you can redirect valuable internal resources towards innovation, product development, and customer satisfaction. IG CloudOps' proactive monitoring, maintenance, and performance optimization ensure that your cloud environment runs smoothly, freeing up your team to focus on driving business growth.

You can read our case studies with real life examples here showing the money and time save by our customers.


Choosing IG CloudOps' AWS Managed Services for your business can transform the way you leverage cloud infrastructure. From unparalleled expertise and support to enhanced security, scalability, cost optimization, and the ability to focus on core competencies, IG CloudOps empowers you to unlock the full potential of AWS while driving business success.

Embrace the power of managed services and experience seamless cloud operations, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition in today's digital landscape. You can find out more about our AWS managed services here.

With IG CloudOps, you can focus on providing value to your customers while leaving the complexities of AWS infrastructure management to us. Speak to us and find out how we can help.


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